Step By Step Guide to Discover Your Potential Clients Online

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Kick-starting a business requires enormous momentum. A research conducted by Forbes shows
that 90 percent of startups fail within a year of their establishment. Of course, start-up failure is
caused by several factors, but poor marketing and difficulty in getting the targeted audience and
clients are some of the greatest causes.
Gone are the days when businesses spend a humongous amount of money on billboards, print
media, and local person-to-person advertisement. Yes, these forms of marketing have not
completely gone into extinction but serious businesses now pay greater attention to online
marketing simply because the internet has the audience every business needs. The hype
surrounding online marketing has made every dick and harry believe that it comes cheap but this
is a great misconception. Online marketing is a skill that should be mastered. You need step by
step procedures to discover and continually retain your clients online; here are some proven steps
to help you hit the milestone


The earlier you define the problem you want to solve the better it is for your business. It becomes
natural for clients to locate your business if they know that you have answers to their problems.
Thus, before you head off online, you need to answer this question as it relates to your business.
The problem could be the provision of a service or delivering of products but whatever it is, you
need to make the problem clear before you proceed.

Discover Your Potential Clients Online

For instance, if you are dealing on women’s wears in Ghana, the problem you might want to
solve could be helping women to get the latest fashion design or perhaps providing them quick
access to their choice wears.


Dart on Target and People

You may not make a headway if you fail to have a specific audience in mind. As a matter of fact,
you need to define your audience with respect to their geographical location, age or even gender.
As a local business in Ghana, you should target your audience with respect to their specific
geographical region or probably the entire of Ghana. Additionally, if your service is women centric,
then your targeted audience is well defined to be ladies. This will help you to align your
marketing campaigns to suit the designated audience.



Social networking has transformed digital marketing in a remarkable way. Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn and even Pinterest are powerful tools for online marketing. However, you need to
understand which social network that would be most fitting for your business and how to
maximize each and every one of them. Facebook boasts of about 2 billion population, and on the
average, each user spends about one hour in the platform per day. Twitter comes second in terms
of user-base. LinkedIn is a super-fabulous platform for creating professional networks and
connecting with top-notch clients.
These platforms can help you to build amazing leads and generate tremendous traffic to your
website. Of course, you may not be present in all of the social networks, but you need to engage
actively in anyone you commit yourself. Active engagement will include providing rich contents,
answering questions, offering assistance and being active in conversations. Your aim should be

to gain your audiences’ trust and loyalty. They should believe in you and this can only be
achieved by being actively engaged in the network.
A good way to engage actively in Facebook is to create your own page. You can get a lot of likes
if you play your cards very well using several promotional tools provided by the platform.
Furthermore, try to post engaging contents in the page to get your visitors informed and keep
them coming back.


The social networks will provide you the audience you need but you still need to make the
audience actually believe that you have what they need. No doubts, your active engagement in
the social networks will make your audience be really interested in visiting your blog but they
will be disappointed if you fail to satisfy their quest for quality contents. Your killer content
should be focused at a specific audience. Your visitors will appreciate the fact that you are
focused on a specific subject.

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For instance, in case you are dealing on local culinary in Ghana,
you should focus on enticing dishes that will keep your audience longing for more.
Your blog contents should be informative. This is important because most of the people who surf
the internet search for useful information and not merely to buy products. However, by
establishing yourself as an authority in providing useful information on a given niche, the

audience will always locate you whenever they want to buy the products. Consistency is the key
here. You need to be consistent in order to imprint your brand and its associated quality in the
minds of your visitors and effectively turn visitors into clients.

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As an example, if you are dealing on men’s wears in Ghana, your killer blog content could have
an elaborate title such as “Exclusive Men’s Wears That Would Make You a Spectacle in An
Event”. The title matters because it is the first point of attraction and then you can proceed to
produce a corresponding engaging content


You may not achieve the targeted success without a thorough follow-up. Obviously, there could
be a lot of other businesses offering similar services. Follow-up will set you apart in a very
competitive market and imprint your brand name in the minds of customers. It will interest you
to know that most of the dedicated clients in a business are actually converted during the followup
stage. Most times, visitors are often undecided on which business or service to leverage but
follow-up not only reminds them of your business, it shows them that you really care about them.
Follow-up in online marketing could be done in several ways but the most traditional way is
through email. Too often than not, businesses ask visitors to subscribe to their email list but

subscribing to the email list is not enough. When sending emails to clients, you need to make
sure that the contents are not only engaging but also succinct and targeted to the point.
Furthermore, the social networks provide a wonderful platform that can be leveraged to followup
your audience. Daily interactions, communication, and activity in social networks can
distinguish your brand.
For instance, businesses dealing on herbal products in Ghana could post enticing messages to
their subscribers’ emails with caption “Secrets you need to know to always remain healthy”.
Captivating captions and interesting but succinct contents are highways to winning your



In most cases, all it takes to discover some clients is free or opt-in offers. Such offers may not
cost you a lot but they pay off remarkably. You can offer some discounts cut on the products and
services to pull customers in. In most cases, no matter how you advertise and market, some
customers will not want to opt-in for your products until you give them opt-in offers. This can
turn them from an ordinary visitor to a very active client.
Discounts could occur in various forms. Businesses dealing on wears could put some percentage
slash on the product. Another form of discount offer would be to give a special gift to buyers
who attain a specific number of purchase.


Most businesses have nightmares in discovering and retaining their customers. The internet
offers an excellent platform where start-ups can compete favorably with big organizations. To
discover your potential clients, you need to leverage the awesome tools available online such as
social media marketing, email marketing, the search engine and most importantly follow-ups.

Moora Salam is a Digital Marketing consultant at Moosocialplus a digital marketing company specialize in generating customers and revenue to Small businesses. Also founder of Moora Themes a web development company specialize in developing wordpress,joomla, drupal themes.

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