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Account-Based Marketing Solutions

Account-Based Marketing is employed by BUSINESS-2-BUSINESS marketers to recognize and target the accounts they value the most. ABM alternatives
typically include account-based data and technology to help companies attract, participate, convert and then check
progress against clients and prospects.

Determining If ABM Is the Right Fit?

If your answer to these question is YES then ABM is for you.

Is my product or service includes complex buying decisions which involve multiple decision maker(s), influencers and users? Is my product or service has a higher price point which requires sign-off beyond a credit card payment? Is my product or service requires a longer sales cycle, beyond several months, up to a year or more?

 MoosocialPlus account base marketing solution cover the entire breadth of a complete ABM strategy. We can build your ABM program from the beginning, or develop specific content, creative assets, and promotions to help fuel a current ABM activity.

As you work with Moosocialplus, you make use of a partner that already gets the strategic know-how, creative resources, and technical experience to ensure you generate maximum return from your ABM investment.


Shorter Sales Cycles

The sales process is notorious for hitting a speed bump when it comes time for prospective customers to get internal buy-in. Account-based marketing  solves this problem by getting the right messaging in front of key decisionmakers at target accounts, helping to speed up the sales cycle

Increased Revenue

Using account-based marketing and advertising to reach target accounts sets your sales team up for more successful conversations with their buyers down the
line. By the time your sales reps reach out to your target accounts, buyers will have already been exposed to your company’s messaging.

More Efficient Use of Marketing Budget

With a lead-based strategy, companies spend marketing dollars to acquire as many leads as possible and then qualify them after the fact, effectively throwing
away money on leads that are a poor fit. It’s far more cost-effective to determine which accounts are the best fit for your products or services before you go
after them.

Our Process Of Achieving Your Goals

Determining If ABM Is the Right Fit

ABM seems to be everywhere you look in B2B marketing right now. But this doesn’t mean you should blindly dive in – that’s a recipe for disaster.

Developing Objectives & Success Metrics

All good marketing programs, including account-based marketing efforts, start with a plan that outlines and breaks down what pipeline volume is required to hit the
sales goal.

Identifying Target Audiences

Before you can develop content and begin engaging individuals with your target accounts, you’ll need to answer
several specific questions: Who specifically are you selling to? etc.

Account Planning & Lead-Account Mapping

With ABM, we invert our thinking to focus on accounts rather than leads (though we must not forget the importance of personalized engagement with individuals on account buying committees)

Complete Content & Engagement Strategy

Once we’ve fleshed out the details of your target accounts and relevant personas, it’s time to translate that into actionable content.

Account-Based Marketing  Tools

It’s possible to execute an ABM program manually, but with all the marketing technologies available today, that’s pretty much like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Measure and Analyse

We go beyond traditional measurements such as clicks and page views by looking at each key target and segment separately, measuring how they are behaving
on your website.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Optimization is a critical component of your website personalisation strategy. We conduct A/B tests to see what taglines and calls-to-actions perform the best for each of your target segments

The first step to implementing account-based website personalization is to build your target account list—the companies with the most potential to your business, which can include customers, prospects, partners or a mix of all three.

These attributes will vary based on what’s most important to your business. You can also segment the companies by account status—or where they are in the funnel. This allows you to deliver content and relevant experiences that are tailored to the needs of that particular account.
Effective Copyrighting

Once you have a list of accounts, it’s time to build marketing programs that target those accounts and help move them through the funnel. This requires you to abandon the notion that we should reach as many people as possible and acquire as many leads as possible. It means giving up on untargeted, mass audience marketing tactics and instead focusing on the accounts with the greatest potential. With an ABM approach, you’ll be able to use your target account list to guide both your digital and analog programs.

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