3 Unexpected Marketing Tactics that Can Give You Better conversion

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If you are finding it difficult to generate or increase your conversions you are not alone. It is difficult as a startup to increase or generate conversion especially if you are in a highly competitive industry. But today I want to share with you some of the marketing tactics I used recently that increased my conversion by 50%.

1 Increase your email conversions

The objective of this tactic is to increase the number of subscribers who read and engage with the emails you send to them. According to mailchimp.com, the average open rate for size a 1 to 10 company is 21.53% and click through rate is 2.84%.

So how did I increased my conversion by 50%?

Simple, I used different subject lines for the same email. This is how I did.

  • I created an original message with an original subject line. And ask MailChimp to send this email to my list A (That is to send this email to all my subscriber on list A)
  • I Duplicated the above message but this time I used a new subject line. Not only that, I also ask MailChimp to send this email to my Subscribers on list A who did not open my previous email.
  • I continued to duplicate the same message but with a new subject line of course. And this time I asked MailChimp to send this email to my list A who opened my previous email but did not click on the link in that email.

By the end of this tactic guess what happened, 90% of my subscribers on list A opened my email and I received 50% click-through rate.


 2 Increase your Facebook Likes and Engagement.

I’m sure it is no news when it comes to what Facebook can do for your business (well, not necessarily any type of business).

But with 2 billion monthly users you can’t tell me your clients are not on Facebook.

On a more serious note, stop posting boring and ‘salesy’ post on Facebook if you want to increase your likes or engagement.

It’s sometimes annoying when you follow a page and all the time they keep telling you to ‘Buy biscuit and Fanta’

Let me remind you that Facebook is not a marketplace, but a social platform.

A graph from AaronZakowski.com shows what most people spend their time doing on Facebook.

To most people, buying intent on Facebook is low. They spend their time posting updates, commenting etc.

As you can see the most effective way to engage Facebook users is not by selling but building a relationship with them.

After many years of performing A/B test on Facebook, this what I noticed.

Facebook users seek entertainment first. They prefer content that is short, simple to absorb, visual, humorous and shareable. They are also commercially driven by deals and react positively to them.


Type of post to use if you want to increase likes

1 A, B 1,2 Polls

The audience has and wants to share their views. In case you ask the right (engaging) questions, you can be certain that they will engage your audience to participate. Always remember your poll must relate to what you sell.

2 Short Videos

Many businesses differentiate between longer videos, often used to inform their audience and those few seconds short Facebook or Instagram clips or animated Gifs to give their audience few waves of laughter.

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3 Quizzes

if you need to quickly engage a page with a competition like a contest, a brief quiz is the best choice. A basic quiz, can engage and give entertainment to your audience while teaching them as well.

4 User-Generated Content

Recently, Facebook reported that user-created content featuring a brand drove 6. 9x higher engagement than brand-generated content. 92% of consumers trust earned media more than owned media and 81% of shoppers have said their purchasing decisions have been influenced by social media posts. Based on what form of user-created content you choose; your users will be able to express their thoughts and have an impact on the brand.

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3 Tools for lead generation

You can also generate new leads by building or buying a custom tool and integrate it into your website. Unfortunately, many businesses try to use similar tactics but end up building tools that are not related to their business. It is important for you to know that when building a tool to generate new leads it should be something that your target audience want to use.

An example is a tool we build called Moostagram to generate new leads. This tool allows you to schedule and share your Instagram post from your desktop. And is totally free.


Things to consider when building your own custom tool.

  1. Identify core problems of buyer persona.
  2. Since you can’t solve all their problems, identify 2 to 3 problems you can solve by ranking.
  3. What data do you want to collect from them in exchange for your tool?
  4. Build and Test
  5. market and measure.

An excellent lead generation tool will incorporate the ability to gather essential data on the prospect to increase the likelihood of a sale, as well as fulfilling a primary pain point of the prospect.


Now is your turn. What other new marketing tactics can you use to increase your conversion.

Share in the comment below.

If you are looking for new ways to acquire customers, don’t hesitate to reach me through LinkedIn or click here to contact me.

Moora Salam is a Digital Marketing consultant at Moosocialplus a digital marketing company specialize in generating customers and revenue to Small businesses. Also founder of Moora Themes a web development company specialize in developing wordpress,joomla, drupal themes.

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